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Monday, 15 November 2010

IPMS UK Scale Model World 2010

The International Plastic Modellers Society.Scale Model World,or more commonly known as the Nationals was held at the ICC Telford over the weekend of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth of November Two Thousand and Ten.

This year as always saw the attendance of Coventry and Warks IPMS to this annual event.This year however was special as Coventry and Warks IPMS,celebrate their Twenty Fifth anniversary.The display this year,was to celebrate that event.

This year starting on the Friday prior to the show Mike Haines and myself drove the short distance to the ICC Telford to set up the display.Upon arrival at the allocated time of Twelve,as given by the IPMS committee we were not allowed to enter.The reason given was that traders were still setting up.Going away we duly returned at One and the same again.We again returned at Two and again were not permitted entry.We then finally returned at Two fifteen and were permitted to enter.This was only after one of the committee asked one of our other members Martin Hicks,what his opinion was.Bit of a poor show in my given opinion,even considering the health and safety policy.

So to set up this was done with military precision.Given that both Mike and i are veterans of many a good night out in the NAAFI.But that's for another day to explain.All was going well,or so we thought.Then the bomb shell dropped,we had set up one set of tables along to far oops.So again with military gusto,we redeployed our forces and within Ten minutes we had the display looking like a Guards summer ball.So ended Friday.

Saturday now loomed at Six a.m for me and the Mrs Maher.And we made the short journey along the M54,speeding past Steve in my Silver Arrow to Telford.Arriving at just gone Eight a.m,we walked straight in to the show looking like children that had been let loose in a candy store.

This year alot of members eagerly awaited the Sea Vixen in Forty Eighth scale by Airfix,But sadly this was not to be.And the items will only be arriving i am told on the Twenty Eighth at Wonderland in Scotland.Secondly i was for myself  hoping the Arado 196 by Revell in One Thirty Second,would be available.Sadly again the end of the month.

The show itself was very busy Saturday,with long queues waiting to get in and even longer queues at the Kit Swap.This is where members can purchase other members models,generally at a good price.

So what did one buy.For myself i gained a Liberator by Monogram in an original 1976 boxing.The kit was the B24J variant in 1/48th scale.I also purchased Two Gypsy Moths,also in 1/48th by A models.

The show closed on Saturday at six pm,Some of us had booked into the Grays Hotel,where we enjoyed good fair and conversation with the staff.And that's all that is being released as a public statement lol.

Sunday arrived with fuzzy heads sore feet etc for another day at the candy store.Myself and the goodly wife arrived early into the carpark.And then had to return back to the Grays, as i had left my wedding ring on the side table.

Sunday i took some images of the day which are below.Telford for me is never the best place for photos as the light is very bad but they are here for you to see.

I think for myself the best  models in the competition were those of ships,with some cracking entries.

In conclusion this short writeup  is just a small look into this years event from what i observed.I had hoped for some new releases to be available for purchase.But the new year should in most cases sort that minor problem out.Another good year only marred by the waiting on Friday.

Here are the shots of the weekend.And again i apologise for the quality.

Revell Hunter with resin T7 conversion at cost of £12

Rafale by Rich Greenwood of Bolton IPMS

The Arado 196 in 1/32nd scale by Revell due November end 

The 1/32 Revell Hawk.Mmmm how many can i have.

This was simply lovely.I am not a ship builder but i am converted now.

1/32 Hunter wow

Oh and another Hunter,but why not. 

This Spitfire V was on the Canaries stand

Accurate Armours new trio of Jackals and Coyote starting at £79.99-£99.99. 

This was the eye candy of the weekend.A Monogram Intruder.The avionics actually slide in and out on the rails.All scratch built by a Berlin member.

Armour on the 580 stand all a work of art.

The stand for Coventry and Warks a testament to hard work.

A scratch built 1/24th T4 Harrier by Pete Eccles of 580 Modellers.This is mind blowing and again a testament to what can be achieved. 

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